Pasang Maya Sherpa

–  Co-founder / CEO

Ms. Pasang is a member of the board of directors of vertical Himalaya treks and expeditions who has chosen her life to go through hardworking and contribute the best service to her clients. She is friendly, has a good sense of humor, self-disciplined, and self-motivated.

Since early age, she was brought to Kathmandu capital city of Nepal, where she was able to enjoy a safe childhood and good education. Being always a curious and adventurous girl. It was natural for her to increase her passion for traveling/trekking and cultural understanding at a young age. Besides, Pasang is also active in social work as a vice-chairman in Youth Helping Hand Club. She was able to help many orphan children by providing educational materials and basic needs.

Ms. Pasang who believes in the power of a dream. She then entered the tourism industry as a correspondence executive in 2017, where she further developed her communication skills.

Later in 2020, Pasang teamed up to establish Vertical Himalaya and is designated as CEO of this company.

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