Best time to Visit Nepal

Nepal has four distinct seasons: Spring (March-May), Summer (June – August), Autumn (September-November), and Winter (December-February). For trekking, Spring and Autumn seasons are considered the best seasons which provides clear visibility of nature, landscapes and has clear weather for smooth flight operations to any sectors of Nepal. Spring season welcomes travelers with varieties of flowers and birds singing in nature. This time is also the best […]

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Tipping in Nepal: All you need to know

TIPS, this word itself describes its meaning while elaborated. TIPS can stand for “Thanking for Individual Personal Service”. This can be in any form. TIPS can be in the form of cash, any goods, clothes, gears, or food. But normally, people understand TIPS as a prize that is received in cash from them who they have served. Tipping motivates them to do […]

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How to acquire visa for Nepal?

Are you planning your trip to Nepal this year? You will need a visa to enter this beautiful country unless you are an Indian National. Visa obtained at the entry points or exit points are termed as “Tourist Visa” in Nepal. You can obtain this visa easily by fulfilling the required documents and paying the […]

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